Reference Solutions Databases

  • U.S. Businesses
    100 Million Businesses and 4.3 Million Closed Businesses
  • U.S. Historical Businesses
    54 Million Historical Records
  • Canadian Businesses
    2.4 Million Businesses
  • U.S. Jobs / Internships
    7 Million Job Postings
  • U.S. New Businesses
    2.2 Million New Businesses
  • U.S. Healthcare
    2.4 Million Physicians & Dentists
  • Jobs Library
    My Jobs Library Postings
  • U.S. Standard White Pages
    155 Million Residents
  • U.S. Consumers / Lifestyles
    297 Million Individuals
  • Canadian White Pages
    11 Million Individuals
  • U.S. New Movers / Homeowners
    10 Million Records
  • SecureUSA
    For Law Enforcement Investigations

Highest quality data available anywhere…

Data Axle Government Division is a leading provider of business and residential information for reference, research and marketing. It provides accurate, in-depth information on 44 Million U.S. Businesses, 271 Million U.S. Residents, as well as Canadian data, International data, data processing, email addresses, analytics and related services. Government officials and contractors use Data Axle data for traffic modeling, emergency preparedness/management, environmental impact analysis, economic development, research, planning, education, investigative purposes and more.

Data Axle Government Division, an Data Axle company, provides the highest quality data in the industry. More than 350 researchers are dedicated to building, verifying and updating our databases. In fact, we are the only company that compiles our business and consumer data under one roof. We scrutinize and catalog information from hundreds of public sources, examining each record by hand for quality and completeness in order to provide the broadest coverage of attributes to select from.

As an original compiler, Data Axle has several advantages in developing a superior database: specific knowledge of raw data sources; control over all aspects of the compilation process; a clear understanding of the optimal approach to integrating various sources of data; consistency in the development of modeled attributes; and flexibility in refining and enhancing compilation procedures.

Compiling a database from multiple data sources produces a database that is more robust and comprehensive in scope. Due to our time-tested processes and commitment to quality, we strive to provide the highest quality, most comprehensive and accurate data solutions available. The following is a sample of the many sources used to create and maintain the databases:

  • 5,200+ U.S. Yellow and White Page directories
  • Hundreds of County-Level Public Sources, Publications of Record, and Secretaries of State for new business registrations
  • Utility connects and disconnects nationwide
  • Aggregate over 3 billion individual records annually
  • Lifestyle data providers – over 1.5 billion RFM (Recency, Frequency and Monetary) indicators
  • Annual Reports / 10K
  • Real estate data – deeds / assessments
  • Press releases
  • News feeds
  • Web research
  • Industry & tourism directories
  • User generated feedback
  • Postal processing (NCOALink®, DPV®, LACSLink®, DSF®)
  • And more…

Our database of 44 Million U.S. Businesses is the most accurate and comprehensive in the industry. The lists include company name, phone number, complete address, key executive name, NAICS Codes, employee size, sales volume, business expenditures and much more. In addition to basic company names and addresses, we add valuable details including: geo-coded for mapping, fax and toll-free numbers, website addresses and franchise information, headline news, liens, judgments and bankruptcies, email addresses, number of computers, work-at-home businesses, and business credit rating scores.

Numerous national organizations and government agencies, including the FBI, Homeland Security and Department of Transportation, use our consumer and business information to make critical decisions every day. Federal contract mechanisms include GSA and FEDLINK. More than 3 million customers use our products and services for demographic research, economic development planning, geo-coded data sets and community analysis.